The NFSA Mission

In 2016 a group of like minded sportsmen and women identified the need to promote the knowledge and love of hunting, fishing and conservation to a new generation in the Eastern Fraser Valley.


The founders are all longtime residents of the area and are all avid sportsmen.


As good neighbors the association seeks to provide the private land owners, on who's land we hunt, with a level of trust, accountability and coverage from liability when they allow us access.   

The purpose and mission of the North Fraser Sportsman Association is to

1) conserve, enhance, and promote the wise use of all natural resources,

2) support scientifically sound conservation,

3) practice and promote safe and ethical sportsmanship,

4) promote hunting and fishing as rights to be enjoyed by all Canadians and to affiliate and work with like-minded organizations,

5) provide education, training, skills, and social development relating to conservation, hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and associated outdoor activities, and

6) provide facilities and access to lands for pursuing these purposes for Association members.